PRP Injection for peforated achilles tendon

This diabetic male had been suffering from chronic achilles pain for years. After examining his achilles with an Ultrasound I discovered that he had several holes in his achilles tendon. After having Platelet injections his achilles the perforations closed and is achilles was fully healed and he has since been pain free.

Platelet Injection for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)

This patient was suffering from chronic heel pain and cortisone shots, physical therapy and custom insoles were not helping it get better. PRP has allowed her to have a full recovery and pain free.


Howard Hewett had chronic heel pain and after cortisone shots, physical therapy and custom orthotics didn't resolve his problem, he ...



I had battled with numbness and pain in my left leg and foot for 10 years. After one failed surgery I was told that I needed to have a portion of nerve removed in my leg to reduce my symptoms and that I would never be able to run again. I decided to get another opinion so I went to see Dr. Avakian. After receiving various treatments in his office my pain has reduced by 90% and after 10 years of a sedentary lifestyle I can now run & play basketball. Thank you Dr. Avakian for restoring a part of my life I thought I would never see again.
James F. (Santa Clarita)


Having to deal with painful Bunions for years I decided to get a consultation for surgery. A friend of mine who recently had a Bunionectomy done by Dr. Avakian told me that she had minimal pain and was back to exercising after 2 weeks. Dr. Avakian informed me what type of procedure he felt would work for me and that I didn't need a cast or crutches. In fact I was able to walk the day after the surgery wearing a post op shoe. Well I'm happy to say the pain was minimal and my feet look great. I don't have to search for wide unattractive shoes anymore. Thanks so much Dr. Avakian.
Cindy C. (Valencia)

I needed a new pair of Orthotics and noticed an ad in Inside SCV for Custom Molded Orthotics at $300. So I went to see Dr. Avakian and I have to say he is one the friendliest doctors I have ever met. He did a thorough exam on my feet including a Digital Foot Scan showing exactly where my problematic spots were. Two weeks later I received my orthotics and they are the most comfortable pair I have ever owned. Two thumbs up, a great all around experience.
Dave K. (Valencia)

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