In a recent study published by Harvard Medical School, 80% of Americans at some point in their lives experience lower back pain. It’s the fifth most common reason for visiting a doctor, one of the top reasons people miss work, and the most common cause of work-related disability in people under age 45. Outside of trauma, research suggests that more than half of those suffering are caused by improper biomechanics of the feet. This is also true with knee and hip pain.

Poor alignment between the feet and legs can effect the kinetic chain all the way up to the spine. This in turn causes an increase of stress on the joints and surrounding structures which can lead to tendonitis, muscle pain & cramps, meniscus damage, and arthritis. This can be magnified more so in the active and overweight populations. Studies have shown that over 90% those surveyed found improvement or total relief of lower back, hip, knee, and foot pain by correcting the abnormality in our foundation (our feet).

How is this done? By corrective Custom Orthotics (insoles). This can be accomplished by various methods including; plaster casting, foam impression, pressure analysis, and high tech digital infrared scanning. Custom Orthotics correct the biomechanical deformity by properly supporting the feet into a neutral position, improving alignment between the feet and legs, reducing stress from the feet up to the lower back, creating better posture, and improving your gait (walking ). Professional athletes use Custom Orthotics as a prevention to injury and as a performance enhancer (they are proven to increase speed, quickness, and vertical jump by improving foot & leg alignment).

Orthotics are covered by most insurance plans.

Pain is the body's way of warning you something is wrong. If you ignore your pain, the condition causing it could become worse. Relief is closer than you think. Why live with pain if you don’t have to?


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